Teknisolar is paving the way for the photovoltaic industry with their innovative lamination technology

San Salvo (ots) –

Inspired by this philosophy, the Teknisolar team has invested eleven years in research and development to develop a system which has the world’s fastest cycle time and membrane-less laminator.

The Robostak laminator is incredibly flexible and it can laminate any kind of solar panel, without adding any extra tool such as frames or corners. Just simply changing the parameters settings it can laminate glass-glass panels, glass-backsheet, thin film, BIPV…

The Robostak is entirely made in Italy using European quality materials and compliant with ISO9001. It is a patented high-capacity diaphragm-free laminator with an innovative multistage crosslinking section. With no silicone membrane to change, Robostak greatly reduces downtime and it is also able to solve problems regarding the encapsulant outflow and belt cleaning by eliminating the edge-pinch. Robostak also solves floorspace and bottleneck problems because it can produce one set of modules every 2 minutes at 98% of uptime .For producers of glass-glass solar panels, Robostak is especially advantageous as no frames, corners or edge tape are required to compensate the edge pinch.. This product, then, is a building block to installing more solar energy globally while lowering the production process’s negative impact on the environment.

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