“Matthias Weik and Marc Friedrich contributed to an exciting and lively discussion with their candidness and – as expected – provocative hypotheses. We thank the authors for a successful event!
Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs Germany; Dr. Sören Enkelmann; Berlin, 2015

“I really enjoyed the interesting and entertaining presentation of Marc Friedrich und Matthias Weik.“
Vazil Hudak, Minister of Economy of the Slovak Republic

“I had the privilege of experiencing Marc Friedrich and Matthias Weik during the GGI German-speaking meeting in Strasbourg, France. Their speech “Capital Mistake – Status quo Europe” was not only very entertaining, amusing and inspiring but also interesting and covered highly relevant topics. They both have the talent of captivating the audience and encouraging controversial discussions. The conference participants continued to passionately discuss the presented theories and future scenarios even after the speech.”
GGI Geneva Group International AG; Claudio G. Cocca, Founder and President

“The two were already cooperative while preparing for this event; they provided valuable tips and offered all the desired support.
The event itself can surely be considered unforgettable for those who are interested in economics. With great charm and wit, Friedich & Weik were able to present a complex, complicated and at times bone-dry topic with such skill that “all participants” gave the guest speakers a standing ovation at the end of the presentation. They were also available with much patience and expertise to answer questions at the “come together” afterwards. It almost goes without saying that the event follow-up was also conducted at this same high level; they once again took time for this and even took a self-critical look.
Our conclusion is: “You have to experience Friedrich & Weik live!”
Extraordinary expertise paired with strong personalities and the ability to captivate the audience with economic topics.”
Postbank; Pedro-Michael Katsis, Sales Director, Capital Investments, and Werner Oest, Real Estate Director Bremen; 2016

“Marc Friedrich and Matthias Weik’s presentation at the DKM 2015 was intense, audacious and critical. In front of an audience of around 500 insurance brokers and financial service providers in Dortmund, they explained the latest developments in the financial and economic markets and drew their own conclusions. They convinced both the audience and the event organizer; we’d like to thank them for their professional and reliable but also uncomplicated consultation leading up to the DKM.”
bbg Betriebsberatungs GmbH (DKM event organizer); Konrad Schmidt, Managing Director; 2016

“The refreshing and easy manner in which Marc Friedrich and Matthias held their presentation was very impressive and our 180 guests and business partners were completely thrilled! The causes, effects and consequences of the financial crisis were explained in a very realistic and highly charged way. Even with all the facts and figures, the topics were never dry and the whole evening was very interesting. It also became very clear that you should invest in tangible assets!”
“Thank you Marc Friedrich and Matthias Weik for this informative evening. We would highly recommend you and book you again for another event of this type!”
Postbank Real Estate; Martin Wildemann, Director Real Estate Sales; 2016

“AREO Holding is a real estate investor from Münster, Westphalia. We invited clients, investors and friends of the company to a lecture by Friedrich & Weik and can only say that this presentation made a huge impression on our audience. Not only did the lively discussion after the lecture continue well past midnight, we also received a lot of positive feedback and many thank you notes from participants after the event.” 
AREO Holding GmbH; Thomas Stümmler; Managing Director, Münster; 2016

 “Marc Friedrich and Matthias Weik held a very entertaining, exciting and at times provocative lecture on the topic of “Status quo Europa – Quo vadis Europa?” as part of our event titled “Bestseller meets Real Estate”. The two authors’ unconventional point of view led to a heated discussion that encouraged people to think. Neither our business partners nor we will forget this stimulating evening. Thank you very much for this!”
Hackenberg & Co. GmbH, Frankfurt; Hagen M. Hackenberg, Managing Director; 2016

“Marc Friedrich and Matthias Weik inform and provoke. They are entertaining and love to discuss various topics. They encourage people to think and change their perspectives. The two were a great addition to our alumni reunion at the Steinbeis School of Management. You don’t have to agree with everything they say, but you do have to consider their points of view. You start to question our economy, our society but also your own way of thinking and acting.”
Steinbeis School of Management + Innovation; Carsten Rasner, Director; 2016

“After interviewing the leading economists Marc Friedrich and Matthias Weik multiple times in our “Sachwert” magazine and “Wirtschaft TV” show, I was happy to welcome both of them to our panel discussion “Euro and Capital Investment” at the Deutsche Anlegermesse (German Investors Show) in Frankfurt. It was a great experience for both the audience and the panel members on the stage to interact with them. They know how to find the right words, are well informed and are amiable. Even after the discussion they stayed for a long time to answer the audience’s questions. You notice immediately that they really believe in what they are doing. I’d invite Marc Friedrich and Matthias Weik again anytime.” 
Forum “Euro and Capital Investment” in Frankfurt; Julien Backhaus; 2015

“Marc Friedrich and Matthias Weik held a rousing lecture before a select group of entrepreneurs and bankers that underscored why their most recent book has already been on a number of bestseller lists for many weeks. They explained the causes and consequences of the global debt and low-interest-rate policy with great expertise and backed up by well-founded facts and figures. Now everyone understood why the introduction of the euro in its present form was a big mistake. It was clear by the facial expressions in the audience that some were shocked by the consequences to be expected. That grins did return to their faces was only thanks to the authors’ humorous presentation style. Their common sense advice and tips on how to protect and save assets are very different from mainstream approaches. I would like to thank the two speakers for two very interesting hours of presentation followed by a discussion over lunch.”
KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH; Jürgen Knoll; Bad Saulgau, 2015

“An impressive lecture by bestselling authors Marc Friedrich and Matthias Weik on the causes, effects and consequences of the financial crisis that also included other politically charged topics. They succeeded in getting the audience to critically consider the prevailing mindsets and attitudes and thus think outside the box.”
6. Bayreuther Ökonomiekongress (6th Bayreuth Economics Conference), 2014

“The theme of our annual client event was ‘Fast Unglaubliches zum Thema Geld’ (‘Nearly Unbelievable Facts about Money’). The 280 guests were looking forward to the discussion because most people think they know a lot about money – and yet the the present financial situation continues to make the news in unsettling headlines. By the time this extraordinary evening came to an end it was clear that Matthias Weik and Marc Friedrich are two very authentic – and also very amiable – speakers in how they present their topic. As far as the content is concerned, I must say: We learned a lot of new and very surprising facts. The final recommendations made us all think and they urge us to act. I would like to thank both speakers for this exceptional evening.”
VORORT Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH; Mellrichstadt, 2014

“Marc Friedrich and Matthias Weik held an excellent lecture at the sold-out event ‘ZinsDialog 2014’ in Zurich. They presented complex financial issues (causes and consequences of the financial crisis and potential solutions) in an understandable and practical way. The two speakers knew what they were talking about, provided solid facts and were also very authentic. The audience was thrilled. They got the audience thinking and at the same time they ‘rocked’ the auditorium. We look forward to working with them again in the future.”
ZinsDialog; Rino Borini, editor-in-chief of PUNKT business magazine and organizer of ZinsDialog; Zurich, 2014

“Their outstanding presentation really impressed the members of our club. They are truly authentic, first-class speakers who can inspire their audience. Their lecture really makes people think!“
Wirtschaftsclub Düsseldorf GmbH; Rüdiger Goll, Managing Partner of Wirtschaftsclub Düsseldorf GmbH, Managing Partner of Industrie Consult International M&A GmbH; Düsseldorf, 2014

“We’d like to thank Matthias Weik and Marc Friedrich for their visit to the Deutsches Theater Berlin on May 30, 2015, where they took part in a panel discussion following our production ‘Das Himbeerreich’ by Andres Veiel and explained how the financial and banking crisis has impacted, is impacting and will impact the general public. Their interest in theater is just as noteworthy as their foresighted view, which looks bleak with regard to the financial industry’s current structure. They debated with writer and director Andres Veiel whether the next crash is inevitable. Or if there are still some ways left to stop the next bubble with a consistent set of rules and regulations. Who must take charge when nothing is to be expected from the political establishment?”
Deutsches Theater Berlin; Ulrich Beck, dramaturge at the Deutsches Theater Berlin, and Andres Veiel, writer and director; Berlin, 2015

“The two speakers Friedrich and Weik succeeded in taking dry facts concerning the current situation and future developments of the financial system and turning it into an entertaining evening that raised awareness for these issues. It was surely no surprise to anyone in the audience that the world’s finances are in bad shape. But the interrelationships and interdependencies of the participants – from governments to banks – opened some eyes. The evening logically came to a head in the title of the lecture: ‘The Crash is the Solution’. So it was not surprising that many questions had to do with how to protect one’s assets in the event of a crash. In addition to writing bestsellers and having a reputation as unconventional thinkers, Friedrich and Weik, who have a financial consulting background, were also convincing with their sound and very helpful advice in this area. We’d like to thank Friedrich and Weik once again for a truly entertaining and informative evening!”
manager lounge Stuttgart; Volker Krause, President of manager lounge Stuttgart; Stuttgart 2015

“The two unconventional thinkers Marc Friedrich and Matthias Weik are the solution when it comes to holding up a mirror to the EU’s current debt management policy in a critical and entertaining way. At NWZ-Talk at the ‘Altes E-Werk’ in Göppingen, the two passionate, bestselling authors shined – much to the delight of the audience – with their expertise, eloquence and humor. Rarely have the causes and consequences of the financial crisis been presented in such an understandable and direct way. Is the crash the solution? Opposition was desirable but difficult.” 
NWZ ; Joa Schmid, deputy editor-in-chief of NWZ Göppingen; Göppingen 2015

“Thank you for coming. Our center gained a lot from this event.”
Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag; Wolfgang Kessler (Publik-Forum editor-in-chief); Stuttgart, 2015

“The speakers Matthias Weik and Marc Friedrich presented the audience in Berlin a very open and realistic look at the world’s financial events with a unique and well-founded review of the financial crisis. Their lecture is definitely worth listening to. The ideas about tangible assets are something everyone should consider in their personal investment strategy.”
Sal. Oppenheim jr. & Cie. AG & Co. KGaA; Stephan H. Exler, Director; Berlin, 2014

“A great lecture that amazed our members. The authors Friedrich and Weik made complicated issues understandable and got right to the point in an entertaining manner. We look forward to doing this again!”
Business Club Stuttgart;
Jörg Mink, owner of Business Club Stuttgart Schloss Solitude and Managing Director of Schloss Solitude Gastronomie GmbH; Stuttgart, 2014