Most successful nonfiction book about the economy in 2014

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Der Crash ist die Lösung – Warum der finale Kollaps kommt und wie Sie Ihr Vermögen retten (English title: “The Crash Is the Solution– Why the Final Collapse Will Come and How to Save Your Assets”) was first published on May 16, 2014. It immediately made it onto Spiegel magazine’s bestseller list and has caused quite a stir. In their new book, the authors correctly predicted the outcome of EU elections, the ECB’s interest rate cuts and negative interest rates for banks, and the lowering of the interest rate guaranteed by life insurers – just to name a few examples.



First edition published: 5/16/2014
ISBN: 978-3-8479-0554-7

The book on bestseller lists

Spiegel Nonfiction Bestseller List (49 weeks)
Top ranking: No. 2 (Issue 34/2014).

Manager Magazin  Business Bestseller List (16 months)
Top ranking: No. 1 (Issue 28, 32, 37, 41 and 45/2014).

Handelsblatt Bestseller List (12 months)
Top ranking: No. 1 (June, July, August, September 2014).


It’s no longer a question of whether the crash will come, but when. All of the actions taken to rescue banks, countries and the euro only maximize the economic damage done and could ultimately lead to the sovereign default of Germany. Plans to expropriate citizens have already been devised for this scenario. Government bonds, annuity and life insurance policies, bank accounts – their holders will be the biggest losers if a crash occurs. However, it would be better for it to come sooner than later as this is the only way political and economic leaders are willing to make radical changes. The financial strategists explain in a clear and understandable way how you can regroup your cash assets and convert these into tangible assets so that you don’t lose your savings.