Marc Friedrich und Matthias Weik

Marc Friedrich studied international business administration and has focused intensely on the economy and financial markets. During a job assignment in Argentina, he witnessed a sovereign default first hand in 2001 and its devastating consequences. Marc Friedrich gained valuable work experience in the UK, Switzerland and the US. Together with Matthias Weik, Marc Friedrich holds seminars and lectures for companies, associations, foundations, at conferences, trade shows and at universities and colleges. The duo has been active in this field for several years now. Marc Friedrich and Matthias Weik are welcome economic experts and have made numerous appearances in recent years in print media and on radio and television programs.
Matthias Weik studied international business in Australia where he completed his degree. He has dealt with the global economy and financial markets for over a decade. Matthias Weik earned his MBA as part of a work-study program while working for a German corporation. On professional and academic stays in South America, Asia and Australia, Matthias Weik gained deep insight into the world of international finance and economics. His two books co-authored with Marc Friedrich Der grösste Raubzug der Geschichte (English working title: “The Greatest Heist of All Time”) and Der Crash ist die Lösung (English working title: “The Crash Is the Solution”) are both Spiegel magazine bestsellers and No 1. Manager Magazine bestsellers as well as the most successful economics books in Germany in 2013 and 2014. In 2016 they published their third bestseller „Kapitalfehler“ (English working title: “Capital error”).